What are the dates for START Summit 2018?
START Summit 2018 will take place from the 15th until the 16th of March 2018 in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Who is able to attend the event?
Anyone with an entrepreneurial mind, spirit or just interest is welcome to attend the conference. We offer the following six ticket categories: Student, Founder, Investor, Corporate, Visitor and Media. The ticket price may vary depending on your registration date and background.

Is there a dress code?
There is no dress code at START Summit. Please don’t come naked.

Will there be food available?
Yes, don’t worry, you will not be starving. There will be plenty of food and beverages available during the conference. Please contact us at if you have allergies, are vegetarian or have special requests.

Traveling to St. Gallen

Arriving by plane
All Swiss airports are well connected to the Swiss railway. You will find more details about the train connections on the SBB Website.

Arriving by train
St. Gallen is generally very well integrated into the Swiss railway system with for example trains from Zurich every half hours. Also, arriving from foreign countries such as Germany is no problem by train.

Arriving by car
We recommend to travel with public transportation because there is very limited and expensive parking space.

How do I apply for a Swiss visa?

If you need a visa for Switzerland, you have to apply for it at the Swiss embassy of your country and have to present the required documents to them. After purchasing your ticket we will issue you an invitation letter. In case your visa will not be granted, we will fully refund the ticket to you.

Where can I sleep?

Students & Founders
You have the possibility to have a one of a kind experience at START Summit and be hosted by University students. Make sure to apply for our accommodation opportunity on the event registration form.

START Summit venue is located in the center of St. Gallen. Most of the flats are within walking distance. If not, you’ll still be able  to take public transportation.

Investors, Corporates, Media & Visitors
We highly recommend our Partner Hotel Säntispark where you can profit from an exclusive offer. Please indicate your interest on our registration forms and we will get in touch with you and provide a discount code. A single room costs CHF 185.- and a double room CHF 235.-. There will be a shuttle service provided by START Summit team that brings you to the venue.

If you would like to be more independent, you can contact the St. Gallen Bodensee Tourismus at and they will be happy to assist you.

If I have been accepted to be hosted, who will be my host? Can I contact her/him?
Once you have been able to register for a host spot, we will match you with a student from St. Gallen. You will then receive his or her contact details and will be able to sort out the details of your trip bilaterally.

What can I do in St. Gallen?
Our team has set up a list with the must-sees in St. Gallen for those interested in getting to know the city a bit better and visit great spots. Please get in touch with our START Summit Team

Is there a car service to take me to my host?
No, we do not provide this particular service. Your host can either pick you up at the official host matching hangout or you can agree individually on how to meet up.

Where is START Summit?
START Summit 2018 will be held at the OLMA Messen, St. Jakob-Strasse 105, 9000 St. Gallen.

Please make sure you arrive on time for each event.

How do I get there by public transportation?
There is a direct bus (Number 3) from the train station to the OLMA Messen.

When and where do I get accredited?
For those of you who are students and arriving a day earlier, you will have the possibility to get accredited already on Wednesday the 14th of March at the official matching hangout for hostees and hosts. Startups attending START Summiteer qualifications on Wednesday will have the possibility to get accredited at the Einstein Congress Center. Of course, there will also be an official accreditation desk at the entrance of START Summit on Friday from 9am.

How can I get a ticket?
You can register for START Summit”] here.There are different ticket categories.

With the ticket, you will get your conference badge either at the entrance on Thursday or Friday or at one of our Side-Events (Summiteer, Host-Matching etc). With this badge you are allowed to enter the conference at any time. Please make sure you have downloaded the START Summit App available in February. Once you have logged into the event app, your ticket will be available.

Can I refund my ticket?
No, unfortunately there will be no refund. Even if you have the worst headache, your girlfriend is pregnant again or your chihuahua is sick. We do make exceptions for Visa issues though.

Can someone else use my ticket and go instead of me?
The ticket will be issued on your name. Therefore, it will not be possible to send someone else to START Summit without contacting us before 1st of March.

What is included in the basic ticket?
The basic ticket includes: Free access to all stages and speeches, food and beverages for two days, meeting the right people and possible co-founders through our event app. Additionally, you will be granted access to the legendary START Summit afterparty. In addition to that, accommodation (host) is included, here we select by the approach of first come first serve.

What are Exclusive Workshops?
Exclusive Workshops are up to 2 hour workshops presented by one of our corporate partners. You will have the possibility together with 20 other students to work on a case study or innovation challenge and get an insight into the company. Despite the fact that this will be a very interesting experience it is also a unique opportunity since these companies are looking for ambitious students to join their team.

Walk-in workshops – what is it?
Walk-in workshops will be short workshops that are taking place during the conference. The focus of those workshops is not to be recruited but to get insights in interesting startups or companies, specific topics or tools or simply for you to be inspired to help you finding your own path of entrepreneurship. Walk-in workshops are based on first come, first serve concept – you don’t have to apply.

Which formats require an application? 
Depending on your ticket category, there are different formats for which you need to apply for. We will screen your application based on your profile-information and CV and give you a response in February.

Students have the possibility to register for closed workshops, START Speeddating, and last but not least for START Factor.

As of when can I apply for the exclusive formats?
The application process ends March 6th.


Make yourself and your product visible at START Summit 2018 at START Fair. A booth (2x2m) costs CHF 499.- for both days. This includes a presenting table and a PVC banner.

At START Summit, pitching plays an essential role. Expose yourself and your start-up at one of our pitching competitions: START Summiteer and START Factor. The winner of START Summiteer even gets price money. Please make sure, you apply for this service until end of February.

START Summit offers a wide range of exclusive event formats for startups. A background session enables a dialogue on state-of-the-art  solutions. Closed workshops provide unique insights which can be applied to your environment. Please make sure, you apply for this service in January and February.

There are selected prescheduled 1-to-1 meetings between startups and investors. Furthermore, you will have the chance to get in touch with all investors through the START Summit App, available in February.

As a startup, you have the possibility to recruit talents at START Speeddating. Please make sure to apply for this service until February.
Additionally, for special recruitment packages incl. all student’s CV’s, please contact

What kind of startups can I find at START Summit?
START Summit offers a huge variety of startups from different sectors. You will mostly find Seed and Series-A startups, but also already well established companies that already passed those stages. At the background sessions you will find the best ten startups from every industry, at Summiteer contest you can find the top 30 best START Summit startups and at START Fair you can get in touch with the best larger startups and have a look at their product and experience it hands-on.

How can I get in touch with a startup I am interested in?
Our very own START Summit App, available in February, will make it a lot easier to connect directly with the founders and have a chat with them. Additionally, we organize predefined 1-to-1 meetings between investors and startups.

Where can I find an overview of all the startups that are participating?
Our event app will provide an overview with all the founders and companies that are participating. Additionally, you will find a deeper insight in our top 30 startups in our event-brochure. If you have any special wishes we are happy to provide you with information to make your START Summit experience as beneficial as possible.